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FAQs for Katarak

Frequently Asked Questions for Katarak

FAQs for Cataract

1. What causes Cataract?

Cataracts are usually caused by aging, but it may also be medication that you’re talking, a bump, an accident, and so on.

2. Do I have to wait for a certain period of time until I can get the surgery?

With the technology available now, cataract surgery can be performed at any time the patient wishes.

3. How long does Cataract surgery take?

If there are no complications and the patient is stable, the surgery will take around 15 – 30 minutes.

4. Will my cataracts re-appear after surgery?

There is a chance that you may experience “secondary cataracts”. This is when your lens capsule becomes clouded. Secondary cataracts can be treated with a laser and necessitate no further surgery.

5. At what age do cataracts usually appear?

Cataracts commonly appear in persons 60 years of age and above; however, there are people who are afflicted by them in their 50s, and they have also been known to appear in babies.

6. Will I need stitches?

Phacoemulsification, the newest advacement in cataract surgery, obviates the need for stitches and in-patient care. In most cases, patients can return to their daily routine the day after the surgery.

7. Can Cataract surgery be performed on both eyes in one day?

At Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic, for the benefit and safety of the patient, we perform surgery one-by-one. The other eye may be operated on 1-2 weeks after.

8. Will my eyes need an injection prior to Cataract surgery?

We use eye drops for topical anesthetization, prior to the surgery itself. Certain conditions do call for injections around the eyeball (local anesthetization). Our anaesthetician will advise on what kind’s right for you.

9. Can I take something instead of undergoing surgery?

No. Cataracts can only go away with surgery, not medication.

10. If I have cataracts, when should I seek surgery?

Cataracts can be operated on as soon as you notice problems with your vision.

11. Will I be conscious during the Cataract surgery?

You will be conscious during the surgery – we use topical anesthetic. In certain cases, however, the doctor may recommend total anesthetic.

12. How long will I need to rest for after Cataract surgery?

Phacoemulsification, a new development in cataract surgery, shifts the nature of the surgery from in-patient to out-patient care. Patients who have undergone cataract surgery will be able to return to their normal routine the day after the surgery.

13. Can cataract operations in Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic use BPJS?

Unfortunately, no, but we do accept certain private insurance. Please refer to the article on insurance we take.

14. Is there partnership with Insurance?

We have a partnership with Insurance. See the list of insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions for Katarak