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What is Cataract?

What is Cataract? Cataract is a condition which the natural lens in the eye becomes cloudy, reducing light entering the eye and resulting in a gradual decrease in visual acuity.

Phacoemulsification vs Conventional Cataract Surgery

Causes and Symptoms of Cataracts

  • Foggy or blurred vision
  • Colors appear faded
  • Glare (towards the lights, the sunlight looks dazzling)
  • Loss of contrast
  • Bad night vision
  • Double or shadowed vision in one eye
  • Change prescription/size of glasses/contact lenses frequently
apa itu katarak

Cataracts are caused by a natural process due to aging or as an aging process. It occurs in old age and in eyes with excessive UV exposure.

It could also be due to medical conditions such as diabetes or diabetes mellitus, the use of drugs for a long time, trauma to the eye or chronic inflammation which are also risk factors for the development of cataracts.

Sometimes it also occurs in young people or even when the baby is born.

How to Treat Cataracts?

Treat Cataracts

1.Femtosecond laser divides the lens into smaller pieces for easy extraction with less ultrasound power to remove cataracts

Treat Cataracts

2.Cataracts are removed by a process of phacoemulsification

Treat Cataracts

3.An implanted lens (IOL (Intraocular Lens)) is inserted for vision

Cataracts are not medically treated with drugs, but the surgery must be performed to remove cataract.

Cataract surgery is highly recommended when the disturbance is disruptive and interferes with daily activities. With this very modern cataract surgery technology, there is no need to wait long or wait for cataracts to mature before surgery.
The suitable implanted lens (IOL) will be tailored to your eye condition, lifestyle, and your daily needs.
In general, Monofocal (single focus) IOLs already offer excellent vision quality. For presbyopia problems or for close reading purposes monovisions management is required. This condition allows the patient to have two choices, whether he wants his eyes to be clear to see far away and to use glasses when reading or slightly.
Multifocal IOL can be an option because with this lens you will be free with glasses and there are very few side effects such as glare and the presence of ‘halos’. This lens can also be attached to most patients including post LASIK surgery.
Do not hesitate, your vision needs with our doctors who are very skilled in choosing the IOL according to your needs.

How to Detect Cataracts?

Cataracts can be detected through a thorough eye examination.

Apa itu katarak

1. Sharp vision test: The vision test does not look good at the patient’s vision

2. Lamp gap test

3. Dilated pupil test: Eye drops will be given to your eye to make the pupil wide, then a special instrument will check the condition of your eyes from front to back.

Cataracts for Post-LASIK Patients

Phacoemulsification vs Conventional Cataract Surgery

It is most important when cataract surgery in post LASIK surgery patients where the outcome of cataract surgery is less predictable. This is due to inaccurate measurements of post-LASIK corneal curvature.
However, our doctors have high expertise to be ready with this.patients with post-LASIK conditions will certainly be successful in the results of their operations.

The Technology We Us at Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic

Phacoemulsification vs Conventional Cataract Surgery

Several techniques can be used in cataract surgery. So, doctors have many choices including advanced technology. Currently the most popular and widely used by ophthalmologists for cataract surgery is Phacoemulsification. Which is only a small incision is required to be made at the edge of the cornea to place the phaco tip / probe through. This Phaco tip / probe is an Ultrasonic Phaco which is used to help break up the cataracted lens and remove it from the eyeball.

The New CENTURION Vision System technology, which is the only sophisticated Phaco machine to use in cataract surgery. The automatic and continuous system will adapt to various changes in eye conditions during the operation, so that it is more stable and the operation process becomes comfortable and safe and the results are satisfactory.

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