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Preparations Before Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataracts will interfere with daily activities. Unfortunately, this is only treatable with surgery, not medication. If you consider cataract surgery as a viable option, you must prepare some things well in advance, both from a psychological and physical standpoint.

There are a few things that are recommended to be prepared before you decide to do cataract eye surgery, such as:

1.Mental Readiness.

The eye is one of the most exposed organs of the body, and accordingly, we are wont to think that its vulnerability is enhanced. You must assure yourself that this is a completely safe and sound medical procedure, that will enhance your quality of life.

2.Cataract Maturity

If the cataract is mature, a doctor will tell you so that you may prepare for surgery, without any further loss of vision.


This may sound menial, but washing your hair is a real concern, as it is counterindicated for one week after the surgery, so that no dirty water may seep into and infect the scars. You are thus directed to wash your hair prior to surgery.

4.Routine Control Sessions

To ensure that the surgery is a complete success, you must attend regular control sessions with your doctor.

You will also be subject to the following preparatory steps:

  1. A few weeks before the procedure, the doctor will screen you to measure your eye and ascertain its shape. This will enable them to determine the type of lens and appropriate lens for your eyes.
  2. The doctor may ask you to stop some medications that risk increasing bleeding during and after the surgical procedure. If you are taking medications for prostate problems, tell your doctor because some of these drugs can interfere with the process of cataract surgery.
  3. The doctor will prescribe you antibiotic eye drops, to be used starting two days before the procedure, reducing the chances of infection.
  4. Rest amply prior to the procedure so you will be in fit condition.
  5. Dress comfortably and wear sunglasses when traveling to Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic. The use of perfume, aftershave cream, and other such substances are verboten. You are also advised to avoid makeup and false eyelashes.
  6. Cataract surgery is of a same-day nature, but you are directed not to operate a motor vehicle after the procedure. Please ask someone to accompany you to and from the Clinic. If necessary, the doctor will advise you to avoid activities such as heavy lifting for a week after the surgery. It may increase intracranial pressure on the eyes.

In conclusion, these are some of the psychological and physical preparations which may help you to be more prepared for cataract surgery.

Source: Preparing for LASIK, Allaboutvision [online]

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