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LASIK and Get a Lifetime Guarantee!

Maybe there are some of you who are still hesitant and afraid to perform LASIK actions because they are worried they will not get the appropriate results. What if one year, 2 years and even 5 years in the future the condition of the eye that is normal to experience visual changes again?

Now you do not need to hesitate or be afraid to perform LASIK actions. Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic always strives to provide the best service with high-quality LASIK eye results. With the support of experienced eye surgeons and supported by the latest advanced technology, we provide services Lifetime Protection for those of you who have performed eye LASIK at Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic.

Lifetime Protection is the latest service from Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic for patients who have performed LASIK. This service is provided to patients with the aim of helping to maintain your eyesight as well as possible at all times. We ensure that if you experience changes in vision at any time, you can receive additional free LASIK procedures if you meet the medical requirements determined by our eye surgeon.

What are you waiting for, consult with us at Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic today!


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