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Lifetime Protection (What is Lifetime Protection?)

Lifetime Protection

Lifetime Lasik Guarantee for FREE

Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic is committed to providing you with the best in LASIK surgery, with experienced professionals undergirt by the latest technology. And that’s what makes us proud to offer a Lifetime Protection Guarantee!

Our goal is to make sure that the quality of your vision is maintained, and that if someday it should start to deteriorate, you can undergo additional LASIK procedures for free, if our doctors’ medical terms and conditions are met.

How to receive this Guarantee:

  1. Undergo FemtoLASIK or ReLEx SMILE at Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic
  2. Obtain a letter that states that you are eligible for the Lifetime Protection Guarantee from one of our doctors (anywhere between post-op to three months after)
  3. Undergo medically-mandated control sessions (one day, one week, one month and three months after LASIK)
  4. Go to an annual eye check-up at a Ciputra Healthcare clinic or hospital. Make sure you hand over a copy of the report they give you to Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic each year
  5. We recommend to go through these sessions with the same doctor that has handled your case in the past, because they’ll be familiar with your medical history, but if this proves impossible, you may get checked at any other clinic
  6. Make sure to hand over a copy of the control session report when claiming Lifetime Protection at Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic

Terms and Conditions of this Guarantee:

  1. Our specialist will only perform additional LASIK procedures if the patient fulfills the terms of conditions of the Guarantee. They will re-evaluate your vision to make sure you are a viable candidate for additional LASIK procedures
  2. Additional LASIK procedures covered by the Guarantee are valid only if your vision deteriorates in connection with a condition you have been treated for by Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic, e.g. myopia (nearsightedness), or astigmatism, and does not relate to other changes in the quality of your vision (e.g. cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration or diabetes).
  3. Deterioration in your vision due to disease, accident or other temporary/permanent conditions that do not relate to myopia/astigmatism that has been treated by our Clinic via LASIK does not qualify under the Guarantee’s terms and conditions. Bias correction due to cataract surgery (or any other surgery e.g. retinal surgery) is not covered by the Guarantee
  4. Additional LASIK procedures cannot be performed on individuals suffering from myopia/astigmatism of less than a degree of –1.0 diopters
  5. Lifetime Protection is available ONLY to those patients qualified under these terms and conditions to receive additional LASIK procedures
  6. Lifetime Protection is available ONLY to those patients who have undergone LASIK at Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic
Lifetime Protection