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Frequently Asked Questions for ReLEx SMILE


1. What is ReLEx® SMILE?

ReLEx® SMILE is a refractive surgical procedure on the eye with a minimum of invasive, does not use a scalpel only uses a laser and does not require corneal opening.

It can correct myopia refractive disorders (nearsightedness) and astigmatism (cylinders) which aims to reduce the dependence of glasses and contact lenses so that quality of life can be improved.

This procedure is more suitable for patients with high minuses, drier eyes, contact lens wearers, and thinner corneas.

As a result, the level of precision and accuracy is much higher compared to LASIK in general.

2. What is the ReLEx® SMILE procedure?

Step 1: Visumax makes refractive lenticules (thin corneal tissue shaped like a lens) on the basis of the inner layer of the cornea and formed a 4 mm corneal incision.

Step 2: The refractive lenticule is taken and removed through a small corneal incision. The corneal structure is maintained & amp; stable because no flap was made.

Step 3: Intake of the lenticule changes the way light enters the eye, allowing the eye to see clearly without the aid of glasses or contact lenses. The small corneal incision can heal by itself.

3. Does ReLEx® SMILE hurt?

ReLEx® SMILE procedure certainly is not painful. Before during the procedure, you will be given topical anesthesia in the form of eye drops. There is no injection and no general anesthesia is required. You will be aware during the entire procedure.

4. What screenings are needed before undergoing ReLEx® SMILE surgery?

There are 7 eye screenings before ReLEx® SMILE :

  1. Subjective and objective refraction
  2. Eyeball pressure
  3. ATLAS/CRS Master (Corneal Mapping)
  4. Tear quality and production
  5. PENTACAM (Corneal Thickness)
  6. Check GDS (Blood Sugar)
  7. Physical examination of the eye

5. How long does the ReLEx® SMILE procedure take?

ReLEx® SMILE is an all-in-one laser procedure that lasts about 10 minutes, the laser surgery for 1 eye takes only 24 seconds.

6. ReLEx® SMILE can eliminate myopia & astigmatism?

With the VISUMAX refraction abnormality that can be eliminated is a maximum of -10D Myopia, -5D Astigmatism.

7. What should be considered after doing ReLEx® SMILE?

In general, your eyes need to be used to see as soon as possible to accelerate adaptation to your new vision. But, remember:

  • Don’t rub your eyes
  • Avoid contact with water in the eyes
  • Don’t use make-up around the eyes

8. After ReLEx® SMILE, can I do activities right away?

Basically there are no restrictions on activity and your eyes must be used to see as soon as possible so that your eye’s adaptation period will be faster.

Avoid dusty, smoky places, don’t do extreme sports, don’t rub your eyes, don’t swim, or use make-up for two weeks.

9. What are the features of ReLEx® SMILE compared to ordinary LASIK?

  • Minimal Invasive: As compared to LASIK, corneal incision in ReLEx® SMILE is 80% smaller. A 20mm incision is required for making flaps on LASIK, but with ReLEx® SMILE, the corneal incision is only 4mm.
  • Bladeless: Surgery for ReLEx® SMILE is bladeless since ReLEx® SMILE uses Visumax so the process and the healing phase is faster.
  • Painless: Because the ReLEx® SMILE surgery does not require an opening in the cornea and is a minimally invasive procedure so the patient feels more comfortable and does not experience any pain.
  • Flapless: There will be no complications associated with the flap, such as a shifted or wrinkled flap.
  • Maintaining the Corneal Structure: Because there is no flap, the structure of the upper cornea is not touched so that the cornea is more stable.
  • Reducing the Risk of Dry Eyes after Surgery: Reducing dry eyes after surgery because there are no adjustment on the structure of the upper cornea.
  • Night Vision: Reducing optical aberration that occurs because there are no flaps on ReLEx® SMILE.

10. What conditions must I meet before undergoing ReLEx® SMILE?

A comprehensive pre-screening for ReLEx® SMILE is done to determine if you are a suitable candidate for ReLEx® SMILE. Here are some conditions ReLEx® SMILE:

  1. Patients must be 18 years or older.
  2. Healthy eye condition.
  3. Have stable vision (glasses’ degree in the last 6 months to 1 year doesn’t change)
  4. Not breastfeeding or pregnant.
  5. Has no corneal diseases, significant retinal degeneration, severe eye dryness etc.
  6. Do not have systemic diseases that affect eye conditions such as, Lupus, Diabetes Mellitus with uncontrolled sugar levels etc.
  7. If you use soft lens, avoid wearing it for at least 2 weeks.
  8. If you use the hard lens, avoid wearing it for at least 3 weeks.

11. ReLEx® SMILE side effects?

Side effects for ReLEx® SMILE vary for each person, but what is commonly experienced by patients is glare and dryness. All of these side effects are usually temporary and will gradually disappear several months after ReLEx® SMILE.

12. How long does the recovery process take after ReLEx® SMILE?

This is very subjective and depends on the situation of each patient but in general:

  • About the first 2-3 hours after ReLEx® SMILE , your vision will be slightly foggy and you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Within 24 hours, the patient can enjoy sharp eyesight which is far better than when he was wearing glasses, but there are still side effects such as dryness and glare.
  • The first week is clearer but still a little less stable.
  • The second week and then the vision will be clearer until the patient can enjoy better vision without glasses.

13. What if the minus eye returns after post-LASIK?

In general, if you maintain the lifestyle of your eye health, the eyes will not return to myopic. However, we have a Lifetime Protection program with applicable terms and conditions. Click here to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions for ReLEx SMILE