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Dry Eyes After LASIK? Is This Normal?

After the LASIK procedure has concluded, you will immediately sense that your vision has become better. But this may also be accompanied by a different sensation: your eyes may feel dry and itchy. This is a common post-op after-effect. About 95 percent of patients report dryness of the eye after the procedure.

Things that trigger dry eyes after LASIK surgery

The things that can trigger dry eyes after LASIK if you have diabetes, have nearsightedness or have a vision that requires a high level of correction. In most patients who have had LASIK surgery, symptoms of dry eye are most visible in the early months after surgery. Most said that conditions gradually get better in a period of six to twelve months.

Screening of eye conditions for LASIK patients

The quality and quantity of tears produced are factors that affect the dryness of the eyes and can affect the healing process after surgery. Therefore, before doing LASIK , the patient will undergo a series of screenings to determine the quality and quantity of tears. The checks carried out are:

– Schirmer Test: thin pieces of paper placed under the lower eyelid to measure tear production.

– Tear Breakup Time: placing a small amount of dye on the surface of the eye to monitor how tears are distributed and when they “break up” on the surface of the eye.

What causes it?

The eyes will feel dry after LASIK surgery due to the cutting of the corneal nerve which functions as a stimulus for tear production. This is very reasonable and temporary for all patients who have performed LASIK surgery. To overcome this, eye drops are given to lubricate the eyes.

Reviewed by: dr. Utami Noor Sya’baniyah SpM

Source: Post-LASIK dry eye

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