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Testimonial Azriel – Public Figure


Azriel Hermansyah

Public Figure

So I’m minus 2 and I don’t want to wear glasses anymore so I can wear sunglasses too. My activities are school, sports, and cycling which sometimes disturbs me a lot because the glasses like to go down and down like that.

I know the LASIK from my friends and they also told me a good story in Singapore. But after I searched and looked on youtube, it turns out that in Indonesia there is a name, Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic.

They have already worked with the Singapore Medical Group. So I believe and finally, I try to do LASIK here. Oh yeah, the location is really strategic on Lotte Shopping Avenue, 5th floor.

My preparation was on the first week of January 24, 2018, that I screened first to check his eyes for complaints or no irritation, or anything like that. At that time, I was screened by Doctor Heru. With the approval of my Bund, I finally decided undergo LASIK surgery on February 12, 2018.

When I was doing LASIK, it was a mixed feeling because honestly, I have never had surgery before. But it turns out that when the LASIK was done, it was not as scary as I imagined! The process is very fast! Oh yeah, before we do LASIK, we can’t use contact lenses for 2 weeks.

Before LASIK, I also asked my friend, he said, that one eye was for about 10 minutes. I don’t think it will take 10 minutes because it’s so fast and it doesn’t really feel like it’s finished right away!

Well, but the name of the operation, if I feel after feeling my eyes dry. But, it was told beforehand before performing LASIK surgery by Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic officers. The dry feeling did not last for days, only a few hours, after that it really felt better.

After LASIK, I feel really good! Especially when I study and do sports, it feels more comfortable and my glasses don’t bother me anymore. Then, if you want to use sunglasses, you just have to use it right away. I used to have sunglasses with a minus too. But now you don’t need it anymore.

“Now for all of you who want to have no minus eyes and don’t want to wear glasses anymore, you guys are really obliged, just go to Ciputa SMG Eye Clinic and do LASIK, it’s great!”

The service at Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic, I really feel happy! Comfortable, because it feels really like at home and the doctors and staff are also professional. My surgery was done by Doctor Heru and post-surgery review with Doctor Yudi.

Doctor Heru was very calm and patient towards me. During LASIK because it was my first time entering the surgery room, I was scared and Doctor Heru said, “Just relax it’s okay.” Doctor Heru and his staff are very attentive.

By the way, I use the latest LASIK method called ReLEx® SMILE , so it is faster and the laser is stable and not inferior to the existing technology in Singapore. The results need not be doubted, plus the facilities are also cool.

Now for all of you who want to have no myopic eyes and don’t want to wear glasses anymore, you guys are really obliged to go to Ciputa SMG Eye Clinic and do LASIK, it’s great!

I want to say, thank you very much to Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic because my eyes are normal again. Anyway, thank you very much! Thank you so much for making our eyes normal. It’s time for you to unframe your glasses at Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic!