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Imam Darto’s Testimonial – TV Shows Presenter

Imam Darto Scooter

Imam Darto

TV Shows Presenter

I decided to get LASIK because I drive a motorcycle. It’s super annoying trying to keep your sanity together trying to fit your glasses underneath a helmet. I went with Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic, because they’re partners with SMG (Singapore Medical Group). I can’t use Grab to Singapore, but I sure can to Lotte Shopping Avenue! My office just happens to be nearby (at the East). Once at Lotte Shopping Avenue, I go up to the 5th floor. It’s really nearby.

I went in on November 13th. It was a mental challenge, to say the least, preparing for LASIK. You have to be declared fit through an eye screening. If you wear contacts, you have to leave them off for a minimum of 2 weeks!

10 minutes. That’s how long the LASIK took from start to end. The doctor and staff were real confidence-boosters. “24 seconds and you’re going to be best kind, hey?” That really rustled my jimmies In a good way.

When it was all said and done, I felt like a new man! LASIK helped me out a lot, because I can’t live without my bikes, and I can’t be on the road without a helmet, and glasses don’t play well with helmets.

Shades, here I come!

When we work with the television industry, you have your teleprompters on a shoot – and for me, I’d always be struggling to reading the text on them. And there were roles for which I was required to remove my glasses. I don’t need to worry about any of that anymore, now that I’ve gone and done LASIK.

Let’s talk about service. Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic is absolutely top-notch. The nurses are authoritative, yet in such a caring way. Especially the men. I went under with ReLEx SMILE, which I’m certain is the newest and coolest in LASIK tech – the machine was huge. And probably spendy. And automated, too. Hella rad.

“I did Lasik with ReLEx® SMILE method, which is the latest technology of LASIK! I am beyond happy with the result!”

What I’d like to say to anyone suffering from myopia is, you’ll open your eyes to a whole new world once you go for LASIK. And when you do, go with Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic. They’re absolutely best kind.

My sincere thanks to Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic and all of its staff (especially Dr. Yudi): the opticians and the marketing people (for all the special offers). Thanks for helping me see the world anew. With your help, I seized destiny by the throat and forced it into a shape of my choosing – as a glasses-free actor.

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