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Testimonial Uki (Aviwkila) – Musician

Uki (Awivkila)

Uki (Aviwkila)


My eyes used to be minus 5, the right, minus 3 and the left, cylinder 1.7. Because of that, it would not be very comfortable for daily activities. Minus eyes and cylinders I already have mulei from my 5th grade elementary school. I feel it’s really bad if I wear glasses and want to have maximum vision. like a normal person…

I know that lasik eye is a reference from some friends. He said, usually people who do lasik it in Singapore, but I’m just a typical person who doesn’t believe it, right, so I looked around on the internet, really good only in Singapore? Is there any time in Indonesia? Then suddenly we find a place with the same technology as Singapore. We don’t need to go far and get money out of tickets. Moreover, we live in Tebet and are very close to Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic, which is located on the 5th floor of Lotte Shopping Avenue, so we just missed it! Oh yes, the doctors here are also international standards! So, let’s just lasik here. Then the lasik technology is new, all new!

After deciding Lasik ReLEx SMILE at Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic, I finally decided to take lasik on September 5, 2018. It turned out that I was told to come screening and when the doctor says lasik, surgery immediately! Cool, right! Many ask, why should screening? because not all eyes can be lasik. So, you have to look at it, do you think that the eyes meet the requirements? So……. I’m lasik with Dr. Bambang Triwiyono, coincidentally with Malang people too! Hehehe…

What are the prerequisites before LASIK? Here, the first one must maintain cleanliness, the condition of his eyes must also be good in good health, and if the user contacts the lens, usually it must at least take off for 2 weeks, then after that just screening.

Do you know, if what is explained in theory is LASIK only needs 10 minutes for 1 eye. But that’s a trick cheats! It turns out when I check the clock, beehhhh… 2 eyes only 9 minutes! 1 eye 4 minutes, 1 eye longer because my eyes are moving a little… so it’s 5 minutes. 9 minutes total for 2 eyes / Done! After LASIK is comfortable, the next day is also comfortable. He said that there was a feeling of being in a lot of tears in the eye area… but apparently it didn’t feel anything. But maybe the condition of each person’s eyes is different huh… I’m really comfortable!

After I finished lasik ReLEx SMILE , I’m like a crazy person, laughing to myself! I called my roadman, his name is kak Emon.

Uki: “Mon, mon, mon here, mon …”

Emon: “Why sis?”

Uki: “Can you see if there’s a building there at night?”

Emon: * looking around *

Uki: “Hahahah, it doesn’t look like that? there is a Jamsostek tower. “

“…It’s homey, it don’t feel like a hospital none, and the people there are welcoming and professional…”

And it looks right after the operation! If you ride a motorcycle sometimes you still want to hold glasses … even though you don’t have any glasses. Then I used to if I use glasses like cleaning under my eyes, even though I wear glasses, even though I can clean them easily without the barrier of glasses, but the habit is rich with a taste! Hahaha! And if I ride a car or get on a plane, now I can wear sunglasses, even though I never used them because I used minus glasses.

Then, I think Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic is the TOP choice! because the place is hommie really, not like a hospital, just smells like a hospital, not like a mall or a hotel like that … Then, the nurse and all the workforce are very mastering and professional in the process, it’s already flight time the height is ok. What is important during the operation, all the staff can calm and reassure me. And I feel very comfortable. Then Doctor Bambang also said that Lasik can succeed with a number of supporting factors, namely the patient’s condition must be relaxed and cooperative, medical personnel who can support the sophisticated machine. Then, Doctor Bambang is also very communicative, he is a typical person who likes to joke.

Well, for my friends who want their eyes to return to normal, and want to have a maximum view, you don’t hesitate to be LASIK with technology called ReLEx SMILE at Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic!. just don’t need to be afraid, just calm down this is really comfortable!

I want to say thank you to Ciputra SMG Eye Clinic for its very cool, fun, comfortable, and very professional service. I can say this is one of my wish lists for life that is want to have normal eyes and finally normal! The minus is really 0 tablets, the cylinder is 0.

Thank you very much again, thank you!

Now, it’s time for you to unframe your sight!

Uki (Awivkila)
Uki (Awivkila)
Uki (Awivkila)