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Myopia Is Not A Disease

Hello Happy Eyes People!

Do you know? Currently, the number of minus eye sufferers is increasing every day. Minus eye This conditions makes someone’s vision uncomfortable. The cause is not only an unhealthy lifestyle, but heredity or genetic factors.

The minus eye condition is getting worse, if not accompanied by changes in lifestyle and medication. One form of treatment uses vision aids, such as minus glasses or contact lenses.

Well, as you know, minus or nearsightedness (myopia) is the most common visual disorder. As for minus eye is not a disease; it’s a variation of the normal eye.

At least In fact, one in four adults in the world experience this condition. Of course, with various degrees of severity the severity ((mild, moderate, and severe) )which . The caused, is an elongated (more oval) eyeball.

Causes of Eye Minus

Below, hereHere are some of the causes of eye minus that often occur:, namely:

  1. Hereditary / genetic factors
  2. Premature birth
  3. Lifestyle related to the eyes; especially for those who frequently interact in front of computers, televisions, and devices/gadgets (extensive near work).

Eye Minus Symptoms: Closer to Objects, Squinting, and Headaches

In everyday life, minus eye symptoms can be seen in the habit of someone squinting, bringing objects closer together so they can see clearly, especially when someone is. Usually when reading books and watching television. Often also The symptoms can also effect complain of headaches. This happens due to their inability to see objects that are far away.

When Will Minus Eye Increase Stop?

In general, the minus eye will stop increasing, when a person enters the age of 18, when the growth and development of the eyeball is maximal. This is also influenced by genetic or hereditary factors. That way, it’s a good idea to do an examination with an ophthalmologist to find out whether the growth of the eyeball is maximal.

When Is Surgery Recommended?

If wearing glasses or contact lenses makes someone uncomfortable, eye Lasik surgery can be an option to eliminate or reduce eye complaints. Eye Lasik can make your minus and cylinder eyes disappear and can make sufferers finally able to see more clearly without any vision aidstools (glasses or contact lenses).

Lasik Eye

Currently, there is the newest Lasik Eye technology in the world, namedly ReLEx SMILE. This technology originated in Germany and can heal the eyes with 15-20 minutes of surgery for 2 eyes. This eye surgery is not a major operation as usual, it is arguably a non-invasive, fast, and painless procedure.

After Operation

Usually, after surgery, the patient will feel some discomfort, such as watery or dry eyes, foggy vision, and sensitivity to light. However, this feeling will gradually disappear, usually within 6 hours after surgery. Dry eyes usually last up to 1 month. However, don’t worry, after the operation, the doctor will give you eye drops that will help you relieve discomfort.

Thus, it must be remembered that minus eye is not a disease. However, if you feel uncomfortable with your vision, do an examination with an ophthalmologist and consult first if you want to do eye Lasik.

Reviewed by dr Ika

Source: Here Are Seven Facts About Minus Eyes